Pumpkin Spice Macarons

by - Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Do I love macarons? ;) yes! The answer is yes. I mean, it's the best recipe to use for leftover egg whites right? 

They are one of my favorite pastries to make and again so versatile in flavor. Especially with this recipe that has become fool proof for me and works everytime. You can also go check out my pistachio macaron recipe here which has the most amazing pistachio filling.

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So this recipe was actually supposed to come online last month but it just got so busy that I didn't have the time to post it. I know that we are now in full on Winter mode, but I still wanted to share this recipe with you. Pumpkin spice is one of those things that you're either a fan or you're not.  I for one am a fan of this spice mix and I enjoy it in drinks, granola as well as in pastries. And of course in a lot of other things as well.

I used a pumpkin spice mix from Koro (amazon) but you can  of course also make your own. Whatever you prefer.

If you‘re not such a fan of pumpkin spice then fill your macarons with any other filling. Pistachio is another favorite of mine and you can find the creamiest, most indulgent pistachio cream recipe here…and it‘s plant based! 🌱

This pistachio ganache recipe is adapted from one of my favorite vegan baking books by Toni Rodriguez (amazon). I can highly recommend it! 

I decided to use another plant based ganache recipe because in my opinion the flavor comes out a lot more intensely than if I was using for example „normal“ white chocolate or cows milk. 

You can of course just substitute the ganache for any other filling you like in your macarons. 

I‘m still working on perfecting a vegan macaron recipe, but haven‘t been so happy with the results so far and definitely need to keep testing. But you‘ll be the first ones to know one it is up on my blog ;) 


Macaron shells:

Makes about 40-50 pieces (halves)

110g egg whites
300g powdered sugar, sieved
300g ground almonds, fine/sieved
70g water
110g egg whites  

Pumpkin spice ganache: 

265g soy milk
1 vanilla pod
0.5g salt
340g white chocolate
50g sunflower oil 
10g pumpkin spice powder (amazon)

Instructions: macaron shells

Preheat your oven to 130°C

Place the first part of the egg whites (110g) into the bowl of your standing mixer. Make sure the bowl is completely clean and has no residue of any oil/fat! 

In a large bowl mix together the sieved powdered sugar and the sieved almond powder. (Make sure there are no clumps) add the other half of the egg whites (110g) I add the coloring at this stage to the almond mixture.

Place the sugar and the water into a medium/small pot and bring to a simmer at medium-high heat. Once the sugar sirup reaches 112°C start whipping the egg whites at medium-high speed until they start to increase volume. 

Once the sugar sirup reaches 118°C immediately take it off the heat and in a slow steady stream pour it into the egg whites while constantly whisking. Still at high speed. Let it whisk for about a minute and then slowly decrease the speed slightly to medium-high.

In the meantime mix your almond mixture with a spatula until you have a thick and evenly spread batter. 
Keep whisking until the egg whites cool down and feel luke warm to the touch and have a glossy finish. 

Once your meringue is ready fold it into the almond batter in 3 parts. Combining well after each addition.
The finished batter will have a somewhat “slow-runny” consistency but make sure to not overmix the batter.

Fill the batter into a prepared piping bag fitted with a round nozzle.( I love using this 13mm Kaiser round tip(amazon)

Pipe the batter onto the prepared silicone mats. Leaving about 2-3cm between each macaron as these will spread slightly before baking. 
Tap the bottom of the tray slightly just to flatten the macarons a bit. Bake them immediately in the preheated oven for 15 minutes at 130°C and after the 15 minutes reduce the heat to 120°C and bake for another 15-20 minutes until they are set. 

Let cool completely before removing from the mat. 

Once completely cooled fill with the pumpkin spice ganache and store in an airtight container for 1-2 days or freeze for up to 2 months. 

Instructions: Pumpkin spice ganache

In a medium sized jug place the chopped white chocolate, pumpkin spice and the sunflower oil. Set aside.

In a small pot bring the soy milk, salt and vanilla to almost a boil. 

Pour immediately over the white chocolate mixture and let it sit for about 1-2 minutes so the chocolate can start to dissolve. 

Handblend the ganache making sure not to incorporate air bubbles. (Keep the handblender low in the jug and only move it slightly „up and down“ to avoid getting many air bubbles. Blend until you get a smooth and glossy ganache.

Let the ganache set slightly in the fridge for 1-2 hours and handblend once again. (You want to achieve a homogenous and smooth texture) 

Pour the ganache into a small bowl and cover the top with cling film.
Let it rest in the fridge for about 10-12 hours before using. 

Place the ganache into you piping bag fitted with a round nozzle and fill your macaron shells. 

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