Fudge chocolate brownie cookies with Maldon sea salt

by - Monday, January 08, 2024

This chocolate brownie cookie will satisfy any craving you have for anything chocolatey. It’s like a 2 in one kinda cookie πŸ˜‰ with the slightly crispy outer edges and the crinkly top combined with the fudgy soft, chewy center. 

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I‘ve been seeing these cookies on social for a while and wanted to try them out for myself. They did not disappoint. I tried the recipe from Erin from cloudykitchen and it was amazing. Do check out her blog as she has some amazing and well tested recipes on there. 

This recipe is very easy and it comes together really quickly. With the help of my trusted KitchenAid  (amazon) even faster ;) her name is Rosa, she‘s pink and already over 12 years old. I don’t know baking without her πŸ’•
(She was a special edition pink so you can‘t find that model easily. I believe the newer version is called „dusty pink“ and it is gorgeous πŸ˜‰) 

These cookies taste best the day of baking but if kept airtight they‘ll last you 2-3 days (just know that they won‘t be as fudgy the next days)

Sprinkled with a little Maldon sea salt 


Chocolate brownie cookies:

Makes about 10-12 cookies (depending on the size)

100g dark chocolate (I used 65% Felchlin Maracaibo) (if you can’t find this brand, I can also highly recommend this chocolate Callebaut 70% (amazon) or Valrhona Caraibe 66% (amazon)

55g butter
50g egg
12g cocoa powder 
75g sugar
50g brown sugar
55g flour
2g salt 


Preheat the oven to 175°C. 

Melt the chocolate and the butter over a water bath (Bain Marie). Stir occasionally until smooth. Add the sieved cocoa powder and mix until incorporated. Set aside. 

In another bowl whisk together the sugars, salt and the egg. Whisk until soft and light peaks. 
Carefully fold in the melted chocolate mixture until well incorporated and lastly add in the sifted flour. 

Mix everything until you have a smooth batter. Pour it into your prepared piping bag (amazon) fitted with the round nozzle  (I used a 133mm) (amazon) and pipe even circles onto your parchment paper. 

Leave about 2 cm of space between each cookie, as they will spread out a bit while baking. 

(You can prepare a stencil of the size beforehand to make it easier to get a consistent size of cookie)

Bake immediately at 175°C for about 10-12 minutes until the top is crinkly and the cookies are still soft to the touch. 

You don't want to overbake the cookies as they will then dry out and loose that fudgy texture. 

Sprinkle with a little bit of Maldon sea salt (amazon ) right after baking. I love to use the original Maldon sea salt for pretty much everything! 

Once completely cooled store in an airtight container. Enjoy wishing the next 3-4 days. 

Happy brownie cookie making!

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