Spicy Mango Coconut Pralines

by - Monday, August 23, 2021

Shell is made of Opus Blanc 35% Felchlin Chocolate and Chef Rubber Cocoa butters

These spicy mango coconut pralines are one of my favorites. I love the tropical combination of mango and coconut and with the spicy mango puree even more. It has such an amazing flavor and I think it’s my new favorite!

If you can’t get a hold of Boiron puree you can easily substitute it for another brand. Although you might have to add the “spicy” mix yourself as this flavor I believe is unique to Boiron. 
Plain mango puree will work just as beautifully. 

A few month back I posted my Raspberry Lychee Pralines recipe and these pralines are quite similar in how they are built. 
I love adding a crunchy base to the pralines to give them another texture to just the soft canache.

The shell is also made using Opus Blanc 35% white chocolate from Felchlin. It has a really smooth texture and fantastic to work with making the shells and the canache. 

The center cut with the spicy mango canache, coconut canache and the Toblerone crunch at the bottom


Makes about 1 Mould (24 pieces)

Spicy Mango Canache

200g spicy mango puree ( Boiron)
100g white chocolate (Opus Blanc 35% Felchlin)
30g trimoline (invert sugar)

Mix the spicy mango puree and the trimoline in a pot and on low-medium heat it up until almost boiling. (Do not boil, otherwise you’ll loose too much liquid)

Immediately pour onto the melted white chocolate and slowly make an emulsion using a rubber spatula.
Always mix starting from the center and try to avoid air bubbles being mixed into the canache. 

Fill into a piping bag and let the canache cool to about 25°C before filling into your prepared moulds. 

Coconut Canache

200g coconut puree
100g white chocolate (I used Opus Blanc 35% from Felchlin)
30g trimoline (invert sugar)

Make the canache the same way you make the spicy mango canache above. 

Fill into a piping bag and let the canache cool to about 25°C before filling into your prepared moulds. 
I like to cool down my canache by rolling the piping bag or laying it flat onto a cold marble table.

Crunchy Toblerone base

80g Feuilletine (thin waffle flakes)
30g Toblerone chocolate (slightly tempered)
10g roasted sliced almonds

Mix the slightly tempered Toblerone chocolate and add in the feuilletine and the roasted sliced almonds.

Mix well and spread onto a piece of baking paper and add another piece of baking paper on top to roll out the crunch. Let it set in the fridge and cut out small circles with your cutter. 

Immediately add it to the top of the pralines (as their base) and slightly press them into the canache so they are even with the top. (It will give you a clean cap if everything is aligned) 

For the moulds

500g tempered white chocolate (Opus Blanc 35% from Felchlin)
Gold Chef Rubber cocoa butter tempered 
White Chef Rubber cocoa butter tempered
Yellow Chef Rubber cocoa butter tempered

For the moulds you’ll need more tempered chocolate for coating than will be in the moulds in the end. It just makes it a lot easier and cleaner to make the moulds. 
You can always re-use the chocolate over and over again so nothing will go to waste.
(I like to sometimes make chocolate decorations when I have extra chocolate)

It’s important to temper the cocoa butters as well as they will give you the shine on the pralines. As well as having super clean moulds! Very important.

It is quite an effort to make moulded pralines, but if you put in the effort its worth it :) 

Happy Baking!


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