Hibiscus Rose Latte

by - Sunday, August 08, 2021

I find this Hibiscus Rose Latte to be a wonderful mix between the taste of summer and the taste of fall.

It has the beautiful pink rose color and the floral rose taste which simply reminds me of summer. On the other hand the flavours of cinnamon and ginger give me the feeling of fall when you’re comfortably cuddle on the sofa enjoying a warm cup of tea.

You might think its a strange combination but it works really well. I used oat milk in this version but it works just as well with any other milk of your choice. The only thing is that I wasn’t able to get the nicest foam with my oat milk.

I was inspired by the original recipe on choosingchia.com which you should definitely give a visit. Love this site.

So if you’re looking for a caffeine free drink alternative then you should give this tea a try. 

Dried rose petals are optional 

Hibiscus Rose Sirup:

1 tbsp dried hibiscus petals
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
10g fresh ginger, peeled and cut into cubes 
4 pcs dried small roses (edible)
2 drops rose water 
2g beetroot powder
60ml boiling water
2 tsp agave sirup

300ml Oat milk (hot and frothed)/ 150ml per cup 
25g hibiscus rose Sirup /per cup
2 dried roses crushed for decoration (optional)/ 1 Rose per cup 


For the sirup boil the water and add to the other ingredients. Let them steep for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the sirup and add about 25g into each cup.
Froth the milk and slowly add it in to your sirup. Decorate with the crushes rose petals if desired and sweeten more to your taste. 
You can also omit the agavesirup if you prefer it unsweetened. 


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