Pistachio Overnight Oats

by - Monday, June 10, 2024

Pistachio Overnight Oats

I am the biggest pistachio fan! In ice-cream, macarons, pancakes, patisserie, oats…you name it! I love the nutty intense flavor of pistachio and I can use it in pretty much anything. 

These pistachio overnight oats are no exception and they make for the perfect healthy breakfast for any pistachio lover. The pistachio overnight oats are topped with vegan pistachio cream, plant based jogurt and crunchy pistachios. 

Why should you make Pistachio overnight oats:

Well…the main reason being that this recipe is so damn delicious πŸ˜‰ but also because they are packed with a lot of healthy benefits such as soluble fiber (oats), healthy fats (pistachios) and proteins (milk/jogurt). 

This breakfast or snack will keep you with sustainable energy throughout the morning or afternoon.

They are as we know very quick and easy to make and the versatility of making different flavors is just immense. 
So you can switch it up according to your dietary needs or taste preference. In the summer I like to add a variety of fruits and berries and in the winter/fall I like to have more warm flavors with spices for example a baked apple cinnamon overnight oats. Delicious! 

How to make pistachio overnight oats:

I don’t think this sections needs too much explaining as it is a super simple process but with this recipe you do want to pay a little more attention because it contains a very thick pistachio paste/butter. The first thing I did is dissolve the pistachio paste with the milk of your choice.

I chose to do this in a small blender to get a super smooth and even mixture. After this step you want to combine your pistachio milk with the rest of the ingredients and mix it until evenly combined.

Let the overnight oats (as the name suggests, rest overnight in the fridge). This way it gets that wonderful creamy flavor and the oats become a lot easier to digest as well. 

The jogurt and pistachio whipped cream as well as the crunchy chopped pistachios are added the day after before serving (optional)

This recipe is plant based 🌱 but feel free to substitute the ingredients according to your preference.

What Ingredients do you need for Pistachio Overnight oats:

Rolled oats: I prefer to use fine rolled overnight oats as they get a softer texture that is a bit easier to digest and I like the texture more than of thicker rolled oats as they take longer to soak up the liquid and have more texture.

Jogurt: jogurt in this recipe give a wonderful additional creaminess to the overnight oats and add a great source of fats and protein. I like to use a plain jogurt or in this recipe a vanilla skyr style jogurt from Alpro which has an amazing creaminess to it. 

Maple sirup: For sweetening I like to use maple sirup for its flavors but you can easily substitute it for another sweetener of choice, for example agave sirup or rice sirup.

Pistachio paste/butter: with pure 100% pistachio paste you get the most intense flavor. I love to use the pistachio paste from the brand Koro which you can order online. 

Milk: you can use which ever milk you prefer. I like to make my oats using plant based milks to make them vegan but you can easily substitute it for any other milk 


Makes 2 portions about 400g/each

Overnight oats:

320g plant based milk (I used Alpro Oat milk)
40g pistachio paste
120g fine oats
1.5g salt
1g vanilla powder/paste
10g chia seeds
30g Maple sirup
80g jogurt, Alpro Vanilla skyr style (any other Jogurt will also work)


Jogurt of choice (optional)
Pistachio whipped cream (optional)
Crunchy chopped pistachios


1. In a small blender mix together the plant based milk, pistachio paste/butter until smooth and well combined.

2. In another bowl add all the remaining ingredients ( except for the pistachio whipped cream and the jogurt for topping) and mix in the pistachio milk. Mix everything until evenly combined. Store it in a tupperware in the fridge overnight and serve the next day.

Keep in mind that you may have to add a small amount of liquid if you are using thick or larger oats as they absorb more liquid that the fine ones.

3. Top the overnight oats (optional) with Jogurt and lightly whipped pistachio whipped cream as well as crunchy pistachios. 

4. For the pistachio whipped cream simply whip plant based whipping cream such as Oatly until slightly firm peaks. Add the pistachio butter and whip until evenly mixed. 

The overnight oats can be kept in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. 


Pistachio overnight oats topped with pistachio whipped cream, vanilla skyr jogurt and crunchy pistachios

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