Vegan Pear Vanilla Tartelettes

by - Friday, May 03, 2024

Vegan Pear and Vanilla Tartelettes 

Introducing a little fancier recipe with these fruity vegan pear and vanilla tartelettes. Crunchy tartelette bases filled with vanilla poached pears, royal filling and a vanilla whipped cream. All plant based and so delicious! 

I got the chance to test the newest product from the brand “Eggfield” which is a Swiss brand that makes plant based egg white substitutes. 

I recently tried their egg white substitute and now I got to try their version of a “royal” substitute to use as a base for sweet tarts and also for savory dishes such as a quiche.

My feedback

I really enjoyed the result of this product in these sweet tartelettes as it gave a wonderful consistency to the filling as well as great flavor. It had the right thickness that you would expect from a baked “flan” type of pastry and the flavor fit perfectly well with the poached pears where it let the fruity flavor of the pear come through. 

I love that it’s neutral enough in flavor so that you can use it for either sweet or savory recipes. 
If needed can always add your personal touch to it with adding for example some spices or other ingredients.  Very versatile and would recommend!

How to make vegan tartelettes

These vegan tartelette shells are actually very simple to make and they come together quickly.  You most likely have all the ingredients at home already as most of the ingredients are cupboard staples. You just need to have a good quality plant based margarine, which nowadays is really easy to find in your local grocery store.

I have a post written on how to make vegan tartelettes shells which you can find here!

What ingredients do you need for vegan tartelette shells:

  • Powdered sugar
  • Plant based margarine (I used for example Flora) 
  • Flour, all purpose
  • Water
  • Salt

For the filling of the tartelettes I made poached pears that have been cooked in a spiced sugar sirup with vanilla, lemon and a little bit of crushed cardamom to add a bit more flavor and punch.

Why do I use poached pears?

I use poached pears to give them the perfect texture when baking.

I like to have a slightly softer texture to the pears, because with these individual sized tartelettes the baking time doesn’t exceed 15-20 minutes and if I was just using raw pears I wouldn’t get the “al dente” texture as they wouldn’t have enough time to bake to that desired consistency. And they would still be a bit too hard for my liking. 

So I prefer to use lightly poached pears and in addition you have that wonderful flavor of the spices which seeps into the pears while cooking. 

You can substitute the pear for another fruit of choice but just keep in mind that the consistency will change and differ slightly. 

What would also work very well in this recipe is apricots, plums, rhubarb and apples just as a few examples.

Eggfield “Royal” substitute

This ”royal” or in German “Wähenguss” is a ready to use product. You just need to give it a good shake ;)  It as easy as that. I’m always keen on trying new products out there especially in the vegan baking scene as it’s so innovative and there’s always something new on the market these days. 


Poached pears:


2 small pears
300g water
250g sugar
Peel of 1/2 lemon
25g lemon juice
1 vanilla pod 
1g ground cardamom


Peel and cut the pears in half. Take out the core and set aside.

In a small pot bring all the ingredients to a boil and add the pear halves. Bring the temperature down to medium and let the pears poach in the simmering sugar sirup for about 10-12 minutes until they are slightly tender. 

With the tip of a knife spear the pear and if the knife comes out easily but the pears still have good structure they’re done.
Remove them from the sirup and let them cool down.
Once cooled slice them into medium-thin slices about 5mm thickness and place them on the bottom of your pre-baked tartelettes shells.

Cover them with the Eggfield royal until almost to the brim and carefully place back in the oven. Bake at 170-175°C for about 12-15 minutes until the royal turns a light golden brown color.

 It can still have a slight “wiggle” as it will firm up a bit more once it cools down.

Let the tartelettes cool down completely before decorating with the vanilla chantilly. 

Vanilla Chantilly:

1 vanilla pod

Vegan whipped cream (for example “Pati Whip” which is a professional brand that produces a very stable plant based whipping cream)

Alternatively you can also use „Oatly“ whipping cream which has a good stability but not as stable as the „Pati Whip“

I’m still testing other alternative to vegan whipping cream but many are not available for non-professionals so I’m still on the hunt for one.  


Whip the vegan cream and the scraped vanilla pod until it reaches firm peaks. 

Place the cream into a piping bag fitted with a small flat nozzle and pipe thin lines across the whole diameter of the tartelette.

With a Microplane grate some dark chocolate over the top. (The Microplane is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. I use it from everything to zesting all citrus fruits to using it for decorating purposes. Love it!)

Enjoy on the same day as the tartelettes will get moist and loose their crunchiness. 

Happy tartelette making! 

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