Passionfruit Vanilla Cheesecake

by - Friday, June 09, 2023

I love love love cheesecake! I would say it’s one of my favorite if not my favorite dessert.. Especially this recipe. Super velvety and creamy with a subtle fruity touch of passionfruit and vanilla. 

I’ve tried quite a few cheesecake recipes in my day and I still love to test a new recipe when I get the chance. But this has been my go to recipe for the past few years…and it never fails :) 

The base is made of Biscoff cookies which gives it that little extra spice and flavor. It is subtle and so it doesn’t overpower any of the other flavors and they crumble also stay perfectly crunchy. 

As for the decor I decided to go with a more modern look. Hidden underneath the mascarpone cream piping you have the cheesecake. The mascarpone cream gives this recipe extra creaminess and richness but it’s not necessary for this recipe.

Adding some fresh berries because we have to enjoy the summer right now and also for balance of sweetness. And I think it just looks beautiful, what do you think? 

Mascarpone cream as the outer decor adds extra creaminess

If you are looking to try a new cheesecake recipe and need one that is super easy and has that fruity touch then I really suggest you give this one a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 


(Makes 1x 24cm cake ring or about 12 mini 7.5cmx4.5cm molds)

Ingredients Crumble:

250g biscoff cookies (finely crushed)
65g butter, melted 


1000g cream cheese ( Philadelphia)
330g sugar
255g eggs (whole)
55g egg yolks
50g whipping cream. (35%)
170g passionfruit puree
1 vanilla pod, (scraped out)

Mascarpone cream:

250g mascarpone cream
200g whipping cream (35%)
30g powdered sugar
1 vanilla pod (scraped out the seeds)


Melt the butter and mix it in with the cookie crumble until even mixed and has a “wet” consistency. 
For the crumble finely crush the biscoff cookies. (You can also leave them a little more corse if desired)

Spread the crumble into your prepared cake ring/molds and firmly press to the bottom of the mold.

Set aside.

For the filling add the cream cheese, vanilla  and the sugar into the bowl of your mixer and with the paddle attachment mix it until smooth. (Don’t whip! Just mix on the lowest speed)

Slowly add the eggs one at a time and mix well between each addition. Scrape down the sides.

Mix the egg yolk, cream and the passionfruit together and then slowly add it to the mixture. 
Mix on low/medium speed for 1-2 minutes and scrape down the aside to avoid any clumping. 

Once you have a smooth and even mixture, pour this into your cake tin/mold and bake it in your preheated oven for about 35-45 minutes (depending on size-for the mini molds reduce the time)

The cheesecake is done when it has a google “giggle” or “wabble” in the middle of the cake but still has a slightly firm touch to it. 

The cheesecake with still continue to set once left to cool down. 

Cool down at room temperature until completely cooled and place in the fridge overnight before cutting/serving. 

Happy baking! :) 

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