Raspberry Banana Swirl Smoothie

by - Tuesday, May 02, 2023

I can’t get enough of raspberry at the moment so I’ve decided to keep going with it. I still had some raspberry puree/berries and bananas in the freezer and let’s be honest, we all love smoothies right? 

I love having smoothies as a quick and healthy snack and it’s so easy to be creative with flavors here as well.

This smoothie is so good to drink any time of the day. To make it a breakfast type of smoothie you can add some granola (you can find the recipe here in this blog) and in addition it adds such a nice crunch, which I personally love. 

Toppings of homemade granola and frozen raspberries

Smoothies is one of those things that there are just too many options out there and I’m definitely not going to tell you this is the best, also because it really depends on your taste. But I will tell you that this one is pretty damn good 😉 and that you should give it a go.

It’s super creamy due to the bananas and it has the perfect sweetness. In combination with the raspberry that has that slight sourness to it that for me adds the perfect balance. 

I honestly can’t wait for summer to get here when all the berries are in abundance and locally sourced. I have so many ideas for the summer! And a smoothie is just a start.  

Perfect fruity combo 

Raspberry Banana swirl smoothie:

Makes about 2 glasses (350ml each)

Banana Smoothie: 

160g (about) (2 pcs.) ripe bananas frozen
400ml plant based milk (or any milk of your choice)
10g oat flakes 
5g chia seeds
25g almond paste

Raspberry smoothie:

150ml plant based milk
1/3 of the banana smoothie
100g frozen raspberries
100ml raspberry puree (for example: Boiron or Ponthier)


Add all of the ingredients for the banana smoothie into a blender and blend until you have a smooth and creamy texture.

Add 2/3 of the banana smoothie into glasses and set aside while you mix the other part, the raspberry smoothie (in the same blender)

Add the rest of the ingredients to your blender with the remaining 1/3 banana smoothie and repeat the process until you have a smooth and creamy consistency. 

Pour the raspberry smoothie into your glasses on top of the banana smoothie and slightly mix it until you you achieve the swirled marble look. 

Add some granola on top and fresh or frozen berries on top. Enjoy while icy cold! 

You can of course also blend everything together and achieve the same taste. With the swirl effect you have a nicer appearance and you get the flavors of the sweet banana and then alternatively some sourness from the raspberry layer. 

Happy blending! 

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