Passionfruit-milk chocolate hot chocolate

by - Monday, March 20, 2023

Served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings Ambra 36% Felchlin
Ever once in a while I get the craving for a warm cup of hot chocolate. I don’t drink it so often but when I do it has to be really really good. And trust me..this one is!

I came upon this recipe a while ago on @nowforager and I thought “yes! This is exactly the type of hot chocolate I want.” I’m the biggest fan of the combination chocolate with citrus, especially passionfruit. 
I knew I needed to give this a try.  

This hot chocolate is divine. I absolutely love it and it will make your ordinary cocoa even more special. It has a wonderful creaminess and so frothy which then again gives it a light feel and taste when drinking.
I really suggest you give it a try the next time you make a cup of hot chocolate.

I always recommend you use the best quality chocolate, which will give you obviously the best flavor but also texture. This cocoa is based on a canache which will give you that intense creamy and rich flavor from the chocolate. 
In this recipe I used milk chocolate from Felchlin (Ambra 38%) which is my favorite. Swiss brand and they have an amazing variety of chocolate…the best! 

As for the passionfruit in this recipe I used a puree (Boiron). I always go for purées when possible because you always have consistent flavor, freshness and intense flavor. 

Chocolate shavings for that “extra” 


For 2 Cups (about 210ml/cup)

140g Passionfruit chocolate canache
340g milk
Pinch of salt
60g whipped cream (if desired)

Passionfruit milk chocolate canache

170g milk chocolate ( I used Ambra 36% from Felchlin)
75g passionfruit puree (Boiron)
60g whipping cream
3g vanilla powder ( or 1 tsp vanilla paste)
25g butter, room temperature


For the canache heat the passionfruit püree to about 60°C and set aside.

Melt the chocolate over a Bain Marie (water bath) on low heat until completely melted. In a separate pot bring the cream, salt and the vanilla to almost a boil and in 3 steps add it to the chocolate.

Always add it little by little, so at the end you get a smooth and creamy texture. 

When incorporating the cream into the melted chocolate stir from the middle of the bowl in small circular motions. You don’t want to whisk it too vigorously. 

The canache will start to split but it will emulsify when you add the last bit of cream.

Once incorporated add the warm passionfruit puree and the butter. Keep incorporating until the butter has melted and you have a smooth and shiny canache.

For extra creaminess hand blend the canache for a few seconds. (make sure to not incorporate too many air bubbles. Hand blending will give you a perfect emulsion.)

Store the canache in an airtight container and keep at room temperature for a few hours until it sets. Or better you store it overnight so it can cristalize properly (store it in the fridge after 24 hours. It can keep good for up to 3 weeks)

To make the drink heat up the milk. 

Add the canache and pinch of salt to a small blender and then add the hot milk. 
Blend it until the canache is melted and you have a creamy frothy texture. (About 1 minute)
Pour into your cups and add a dollop of whipped cream if you like and add some chocolate shavings

Enjoy immediately!

Happy hot chocolate making! 


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