Pistachio Matcha Latte

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Pistachio Matcha Latte

Nothing makes me happier that a warm cup of coffee. Always has been my favorite drink. But I do also love a matcha latte just to bring another form of caffeine into my day ;) 

The combination of pistachio and matcha is just…AMAZING!  It has a beautiful nutty flavor through the pistachio paste that pairs so well with the earthy matcha. And why not add a dollop of cream for that extra…just extra bit of indulgence.

I used the matcha powder that I brought back from our trip to Japan and it is just too-good-for-words! Absolutely amazing flavor and just a small portion is enough to get 100% flavor. 

Topped off with Oatly whipping cream and matcha powder

I made this latte with Alpro Oat milk, but feel free to use any other plant based milk or dairy milk that you prefer. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend almond milk, just because I find that it has a taste of its own that would interfere with the other flavors of matcha and pistachio. 

I added the oatly whipping cream for some extra creaminess, but you could of course enjoy it without. 

To sweeten the latte I added some agave sirup and also here you can leave it out as well if you prefer it unsweetened. What would pair really well with this latte is also white chocolate. In this case I would leave out the agave sirup as the white chocolate has enough sweetness. 


Pistachio Matcha Latte
For 1 cup about 320ml

320ml Alpro oat milk (or other plant based/dairy milk)
30ml hot water
1/2 tsp matcha powder (1.5g)
15g agave sirup
10g pistachio paste (100%)

50g whipping cream, plant based (or dairy) 


Mix the hot water with the matcha powder and mix until well incorporated and there are no more lumps.
You can use a matcha whisk for this if you have one, otherwise a normal small whisk will do. You will have to whisk a little longer and might need to sieve it.

Add the pistachio paste to the matcha powder and whisk again until mixed. Add the matcha-pistachio mixture and then the agave sirup to your glass and set aside while you froth your milk.

Whip your whipping cream until soft or firm peaks and set aside.

Froth your milk and pour it slowly over the matcha-pistachio mixture. You can mix it once again. Add the whipping cream and dust with some matcha powder if desired.

That’s it! Super simple and delicious!

Happy Latte making! Enjoy! 

You can also do it without the whipping cream if you like and just enough it with the frothy foam

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