Raspberry Lychee Vanilla Pralinés

by - Monday, November 23, 2020

From Top to bottom: Lychee gelee, raspberry gelee, vanilla ganache and  almond lemon sable. 
I‘m a Chocolatier and Pastry Chef at heart. I fell in love with the art of chocolate making years ago. It started during my apprenticeship and it has kept growing during the years. To this day I keep on learning new techniques and new ideas, as well as flavor combinations and it really is an art in itself. 

It’s not an easy process to make an amazing bonbon. It requires a lot of patience, practice and skill to get it  right. I’m not saying I’m a perfect Chocolatier but I love doing it and still keep learning everyday.

These Pralines are made of a double gelee filling of Lychee and Raspberry and with a silky creamy vanilla ganache filling. To add crunch I added an almond and lemon sablé disc. 

Colored with Chef Rubber cocoa butters 
I love! (Can’t emphasize that enough) using Felchlin Chocolate. It is a Swiss Brand and the chocolate is  produce in Switzerland in small town in the mountains called Schwyz. 

The thing I love about their chocolate is not only the variety of chocolates they have but the flavor is fantastic. The consistency of the chocolate I find is perfect for making anything from pralines, patisserie or even chocolate sculptures. 

If you can’t get a hold of Felchlin Chocolate another brand such as Callebaut or Valrhona are also fantastic. 


Raspberry Gelee / Lychee Gelee: 

100g raspberry puree / Lychee puree (for example Boiron)
5g pektin NH
15g sugar 
2g lemon Acid

Mix the Pektin NH with the sugar and the lemon acid.
Bring the Raspberry purée (lychee puree) to a boil and add the Pektin mixture. Let it boil for 1 minute and pour on to a baking tray. Let it cool completely and mix in a blender until you have a smooth gelee. Pipe into the prepared moulds.

Use the same recipe for the Lychee purée 

Vanilla ganache:

200g cream (35% full fat)
10g invertsugar
1 Tahiti vanilla bean (scraped)
170g Opus Blanc white chocolate (Felchlin)

Bring the cream, vanilla and the invertsugar to a boil. Take it off the heat and let it steep for a about 20 minutes. 
Reheat once again shortly and add to the melted white chocolate in 3 pours. Mixing well after each addition with a rubber spatula. Mix the ganache from the middle and make small circular movements in the center. (The ganache will look split with the 1st and 2nd addition but will become combined with the last bit of added cream) mix until you have a smooth and shiny ganache. Fill into a piping bag and fill the pralines when the ganache reaches 25-28C)

Almond-Lemon sablé:

75g butter
70g sugar
2g salt
30g egg yolk
100g flour
3.5g baking powder
30g roasted almond flakes (crushed)
1/2 lemon skin 

Mix the butter, sugar, salt and the lemon skin until smooth and combined. Add the egg yolks little by little and then add the dry ingredients and almonds. Mix until combined and wrap in cling film. Let it rest in the fridge for 3 hours. 
Roll out till 1.5mm and bake between 2 silpat airmats until lightly golden brown at 175C. 
Let cool completely before adding into the base of your pralines. 
The Pralines shells are sprayed with tempered Chef Rubber cocoa butter and then lined with tempered Opus Blanc 35% Felchlin white chocolate. 

Happy Praline making :) 

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