Nice Cream

by - Thursday, May 28, 2020

Raspberry coconut nice cream

Nice cream is the easiest and fastest dessert and perfect for the hot summer days. Ever since I tried it, I've made it so many times! More than I maybe should be eating, but the good thing about it is that it`s pretty "guilt free", so don't worry about eating a bowl full ;)

Raspberry coconut nice cream

 It's perfectly creamy and really refreshing, similar to sorbet. It's great with any frozen fruit that you have in your freezer.
 This recipe only requires 3 ingredients and a mixer. So very quick and easy!


 Raspberry-Coconut nice cream:

150g frozen raspberries
75g coconut-reis milk
 20g coconut puree/cream

 Put all the ingredients into your mixer/blender
 Let the raspberries thaw for about 5-8 minutes. Mix until everything is combined and has a creamy      consistency. Scrape the sides of your mixer once or twice.
 Serve immediately and enjoy!

  • To make nice cream I use the Mini Food processor from KitchenAid. It`s amazing and I use it for everything. Definitely worth the buy. Of course any mixer or Food processor will do.  

  • Instead of raspberries you can use any other fruit/berries that you prefer or have in your freezer.

  • Instead of the coconut-reis milk you can use any other planted based milk as well such as soy, oat or almond. Roasted almond milk is also super delicious in the nice creams as it gives a lovely nutty caramelized flavor.
  • The coconut cream or purée is optional, but I find that it gives a wonderful creaminess to the nice cream. 

 Other great flavor combinations:

 Raspberry Mango
 Coconut Mango
 Blueberry-soy jogurt

The options are endless!

Raspberry coconut nice cream

 Happy Baking or mixing!

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