It`s good to be back

by - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I have been out of the blogging scene for quite a while now, honestly way too long. The last blog I had was during my time as an apprentice pastry chef in Germany a few years ago and well now after many more years of schooling, competitions and work experience I finally have my masters as a Pastry Chef.

My passion for pastry has now led me to Switzerland, Zürich where I have been working as a Pastry Chef at a 5 Star Hotel for the past 2,5 years learning the gastromy related side of Patisserie.
It`s been an amazing time and a very tough one I have to admit having learned the "traditional" bakery. The switch from more basic, classical cakes to fine plated desserts was quite a transition in the beginning, but the stress of it all makes you a fast learner.

If there`s one thing you learn at working in a busy kitchen, it`s to be very fast and to be creative on the spot. There is not one day like the other, you never exactly know what to expect. Or in other words it never gets boring ;)

I`ve created my new blog to share some of my recipes and techniques I have learned over the years and to share my pastry creations and to hopefully inspire and help others.

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